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Quality Powder Sprayers & Feeders

When you choose HGH Industries, you'll find affordable, lasting powder sprayers and feeders. You can even count on us for ongoing maintenance, support, and calibration. Based in South Windsor, Connecticut, we have a range of machines for you to choose from.


TC-100 Traverse

This unit is both a horizontal and vertical unit, and can move along both axes simultaneously. Speeds of up to 600-inches-per-minute on the horizontal and 300-inches-per-minute on the vertical are available, with the option to upgrade to a higher speed. The horizontal traverse is 60-inches with a vertical traverse of 30-inches. Each axis can be operated independently, and simple, easy-to-follow instructions allow most programs to be written with less than 10 commands. It can store 200 separate programs, and all programs can be called by other programs, allowing for less time programming and more time producing. The TX-100 can be built for any length of travel on both horizontal and vertical axis.

MW-1 Powder Feeder

Nothing can compare to the rugged dependability and powerful production capabilities of the MW-1 Powder Feeder. The MW-1 uses a durable mechanical feed wheel assembly, precision electronic digital tachometer, and a reliable pressure differential feed metering system. The beauty of the MW-1 is that it offers comparability and interchangeable parts with feeders of a similar design. The MW-1 uses the best semiconductor technology available. Digital readout of actual wheel speed and this unit will interface with all plasma and thermal spray systems.


  • 1/17 HP Permanent Magnetic Motor
  • NEMA 13 Enclosure
  • 3 1/2" Digital RPM Meter
  • 0-100 Gas Flowmeter
  • 12-Month Warranty
  • Local & Remote Controls
  • See-through Upper & Lower Hoppers
  • 5 Wheels, 1 Standard, 4 Optional
  • Optional 16" Hopper Available
  • Precision 5 1/4" Turn Gas Flowmeter
  • 0-200 Powder Flow Control


The TT-200 is a standard turntable that allows an operator to spray at any angle from 0 to 90 degrees. A precision control allows the operator to set the speed from 0.1 to 360 RPMs.


  • Speed - 0-360 Rpms
  • Table Tilt - 90 Degrees
  • Faceplate - 24 Inches
  • Maximum Load - 500 Pounds
  • 4 Swivel & Lock Casters
  • Optional 6-Inch Chuck
  • Manual Tilt
  • Digital Readout of Rpms