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Precision Plasma Controllers & Consoles

HGH Industries offers precision plasma controllers and consoles designed to give you the best control of your spray equipment. Based in South Windsor, Connecticut, we sell to companies in every state east of the Mississippi, and we also service, maintain, and calibrate everything we sell.

PSC-1 Manual Plasma Controller

This inexpensive unit is used to control plasma parameters. It uses analog meters for voltage and amperage control and standard rotometers for primary and secondary gas control. It is designed for ease of operation and will interface with all equipment used in the plasma process.


  • Amps from 100 to 1200
  • Volts to 100 Vdc
  • Primary & Secondary Psi Gauges
  • Vibrator Air Psi Gauge & Regulator
  • Argon/Nitrogen Primary Gases
  • Hydrogen/Helium Secondary Gases
  • Cooling Air Psi Gauge & Regulator

DPC-2 Digital Controller

PSC-1 Manual Plasma Controller

The DPC-2 Controller is a state of the art digitally controlled plasma console. This unit will interface with all your existing equipment. Simply replace the console and you can upgrade your system to your exact standards. With 8 digital meters you can monitor gas flows in SCFH, amperage to within 1 amp, voltage to within 1 volt, water temperature in and out, water PSI, and water flow in GPM. An optional printer is available to record all parameters during the spray cycle.

Digital Mass Flowmeters

  • 0-260 SCFH Argon Flowmeter
  • 0-225 SCFH Nitrogen Flowmeter
  • 0-100 SCFH Helium Flowmeter
  • 0-25 SCFH Hydrogen Flowmeter
  • 0-200 PSI Air Gauge
  • 0-250 VDC Digital Voltmeter
  • 0-1999 DC Digital AMmeter
  • 2 Digital Water Temperature Meters
  • Digital Water Flowmeter