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Fast Industrial Restoration & Machine Calibration

You can trust the team at HGH Industries to quickly handle your industrial restoration and machine calibration needs. Our South Windsor, Connecticut, crew services and calibrates everything we sell, so we can have your machines running better, longer, without you having to spend a lot of money.

MW-1 Powder Feeder

Industrial Restoration

Before starting to restore any piece of equipment we perform a complete inspection. The unit is disassembled down to the individual components and all parts are checked for proper size, wear, usable life, and damage. All components found to be out of tolerance are replaced. The electrical circuits are inspected for shorts, grounds, and resistance. All relays, switches, resistors, circuit boards, and contacts are inspected. The cabinet is sandblasted, primed, and repainted. The unit is rebuilt and checked for proper operation.

After rebuilding, your equipment will give you many more years of satisfactory services. We rebuild equipment from all manufacturers. Loaner equipment is available while your equipment is being rebuilt. Please contact us for pricing and more information.


Calibrations can be traced to the National Institute of Standards and Technology in accordance with ANSI / NCSL Z540-1-1994 and conforms to the guidelines set forth in ISO 10012-1:E. Instruments used in the Thermal Spray industry should be calibrated on a regular basis. This is the only method to verify their accuracy. Our technician's will calibrate equipment from all manufacturers. There is no need to call in qualified technicians from the manufacture of each piece of equipment. We will calibrate all of the systems regardless of the manufacturer. We calibrate flowmeters, ammeters, voltmeters, psi gauges, temperature, speed, vacuum, welding etc. if you have a need for our services, please contact us with your requirements.